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Is it Okay to Lose Your Virginity to a Prostitute?

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Like you probably did, being so desperate that you need to do this is perfectly okay!

Enjoy the syphilis. xoxo

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Hellno(17756) Disputed
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Now, now, that's not very nice.

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Delete that !

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I forgot how to delete arguments. So read the other one i made please. xd

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Yes. As long as both sides don't carry any diseases or other sicknesses. xd

btw. hi! xd How are you?

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The ecstasy of this momentous occasion would best be experienced within, and to enhance a loving relationship.

But if one has difficulty forming a meaningful and romantic relationship then I suppose there is nothing at all wrong in paying some poor soul whose profession helps to pay for probable drug addiction along with her pimp's grand lifestyle.

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You're free to do what you want with your life, but you're going to remember fucking a hooker for the remainder of your life.

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