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America: Should You Bother With a Democracy Given Your Voter's Idiocy?

Circumstance: The majority of the country's constituents who, theoretically, run the country: 

(1) Have average intelligence (thus are average thinkers);
(2) Have little to no liberal education;
(3) Have little to no political education;
(4) Are not versed in, or knowledgeable about, the science behind the construction of policies;
(5) And, have an average reading level of a 7th grader.


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There's really not a lot of good reasons to use democracy. But there are far less (if any) alternatives that would be better.

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Absolutely! Otherwise we'll end up with a Trump or Cruz as President! Everyone should VOTE!

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Heavens no! Americans, statistically, do not have the intellectual capacity to have input in policies that need be parsed with intellectual and analytical minds.

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I agree, however, what would you suggest be the alternative?

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Therein lies the difficulty. I would suggest certain 'tests' be administered to raise the qualifications for voter admittance - though not an exhaustive one that may deter a significant number of eligible voters. The test will measure their reasoning abilities (preferably through scenarios) and have an essay question at the end that asks: "Why do you want to vote for X candidate?".

The other alternative being: Selecting voters with educational backgrounds that render them competent enough to understand what entails from their voting for X candidate. For example, those who have a degree in 'nursing assistance' would not be eligible like someone with a degree in 'political science' or 'history'.

Overall, the former seems like the most plausible alternative as opposed to 'any citizen that is not an ex-convict can vote'. Additionally, the latter does not incorporate the testing of one's intellectual capacity - someone could major in history and be a complete idiot. Perhaps including GPA in the application could ameliorate the aforementioned issue, however, the resources needed to validate each applicant become increasingly costly.

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