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Is it a good idea to create artificial intelligence (with Isaac Asimov's rules)?

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Artificial intelligence is meant to get smarter by learning. And that whole Isaac Asmov's law is fake and was for the movies. So lets get back to reality. AI is going to out smart us one day that is fact. The human brain can store more info than AI but the human brain will not be able to keep up with the speeds the up and coming AI will have. The future for AI will all be integrated to their main mother board. With capacities far greater than any computer in the world. These robots will learn to defend themselves. They will be like humans but with a faster memory,a battery, and much stronger. These robots will one day run every store you can think of. Walmart will all be AI controlled. You buy stuff online no more going into the store the AI will do all the work for shopping for you.

AI has come a long ways since the first AI system back in 1955. We have faster processing in a smaller chip and more memory storage on a smaller board. What was once a big plastic block with a SSD in it that could store a TB or 2 is now downsized to a small thumb-drive.

What was once impossible speeds in now possible. Water used to be a big no no when it came to electronics but we use water cooling on are faster CPU's to keep them cool enough to keep up with their needs. We have phones which can be totally submerged for hours underwater.

The next decade will be the most technological advancement in AI.

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AI is good idea as well as other development .

We roughly considered AI is good or not good , AI bring us new job it is not depend on to one way . AI obviously has benefit to our life , because AI can learning data as much as possible .

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The first law is obviously beneficial to humanity (A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm) but then, how can you save someone without harming the person/people posing a threat to their well-being?

I think the laws are all too simplistic and that in many situations the more benevolent ruling will be against the law especially with law 3 (A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws) why can't we just dispose of the AI? Has it gained citizenship and the equivalent of human rights? Doesn't that then negate the point of the rules in the first place?...

Rule 3 makes the most sense for AI to abide by, rule 1 benefits humanity the most and rule 2 is nothing but a filler rule as AI can't help but obey humans since they only do what you programmed them to do in the first place.

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