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Is it acceptable for Rep. Alan Grayson to depict the Tea Party as Ku Klux Klan


Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson depicts tea party as Ku Klux Klan.

Is this acceptable or unacceptable behavior?

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If he had actually compared them to the KKK, then yes it would be unacceptable. However, he said "the tea party is no more popular than the KKK", not that they were like the KKK. There's a significant difference. If I say Elmo is no more popular than peanut butter, that doesn't mean I think Elmo and peanut butter are alike, it just means they are both similar in how popular they are.

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It is acceptable for a publicly elected moron to whatever he/she/it wants, because they were elected by idiotic simpletons- I mean highly intelligent voters that make our great American democracy, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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I think he is not exactly correct, but politicians as well as all americans have freedom of speech.

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Everything is acceptable to say.

Alan Grayson is a butthurt faggot nazi and he dreams of murdering his family.

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Rep. Alan Grayson is a mindless liberal with little to zero respectable attributes, they play these games all the time. Besides in order for a mindless idiot such as Grayson to be elected, equally or more idiotic morons vote for this turd stain.

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Sure, he's got his first amendment rights, however it would be more accurate to depict them as Nazis as explained in this video.

The Tea Party: KKK or Nazis?
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orangepeel(188) Disputed
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I'm pretty sure the Tea Party opposes big government and socialism, it wouldn't make sense for them to be anything close to Nazis.

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1. Hates gays? check

2. Hates non-whites? check

3. Hates liberals? check

4. Loves Christianity? check

5. Conservative? Check

6. Complains about immigration? check

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The Tea Party called the Democrats Nazis. It would be fair to do the same thing back.

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No, because they stand for totally different things. When you compare any group to Nazis of the KKK or whatever using any terms, even if you're just talking about popularity, you immediately imply that the two are a like - when strictly speaking you aren't. The Tea Party would actually have to be a racist movement for it to be even remotely comparable to the KKK.

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What if the Tea Party compared the Democrats to Nazis? Does that make it ok to compare them to KKK in retaliation?

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SexyBanana(306) Disputed
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The Nazis were not even left-wing, so how is that a fair comparison?

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Jace(4902) Clarified
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You analysis is well presented, but I wonder if you might consider the implications of systemic and latent racism versus overt racism. Sure, the Tea Party isn't as physically violent as the KKK but their socioeconomic politics entrench class inequalities that fall disproportionately along lines of race. I think that is something of a stretch, but I am simply curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. I think considering not only the difference in type of racism but also the variation in intentionality makes for interesting philosophical discourse.

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No. Not all of them are like that. .

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