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Is it better to be hearing impaired?

This father of 4

hears silence

for the first time

since his first born.


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I am forced to wear hearing aids. I look forward to removing them each night.

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I had to wear aids when I was 63 when I was diagnosed with otto-sclerosis. I wouldn't say its better as I have no choice if I want to listen to music or have a conversation, however, there are pros and cons.

When I go to sleep at night I am not disturbed by noise that would otherwise wake me. I slept through cyclone ITA Cat 3 which passed directly overhead and didn't hear it.

On the other hand I have tried several aids and none have let me hear what I could when I was able to hear without aids. Aids can be expensive and will need attention and adjustment. I can hear more of what is being said behind me than in front of me with my current aids, which are "Behind the ear" aids because I make too much ear wax to wear "In the ear" aids.

So aids are better for me because I want to hear, that is a no-brainer, but are they better than hearing - no definitely not.

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No, clearly it is best to be able to have all the sensory input available; as long as you can control it. They have these new things call ear plugs, or a private study with thick oak door no one is allowed to enter without permission. It's called keeping your children under control.

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Ah! So you don't have children.

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