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Is it better to be wealthy or well respected?

7th Period


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Well respected

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I would rather be wealthy because i would llive a life of luxury and i could deal with not being respected as long as i have money.

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Because its all ways good to be wealthy dont get me wrong. But when your wealthy and you dont have any body that respect you....when you are respected people will be eager to help you and talk to you and stuff like that...And omg Harrison camps is fine

Side: Well Respected

It is better to be well respected. For this reason, there is an example I will give. This example is when a time comes that you need help. You would want to have others support and help you, such as friends or family. If you were wealthy and not respected, then others will not help you as much. Without help you could probably not be able to survive with a business on the verge of bankruptcy and you could be in dept. With respect, you can have a favor from people and keep a successful business.

Side: Well Respected