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Evil to hate Depends what you hate
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Is it evil to hate, or does it depend on what it is you hate?

Evil to hate

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Depends what you hate

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I personally hate Jews and Muslims. Is that bad? Oh, and I hate moths because a moth once tried to lay eggs in my belly button.

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I actually don't believe in either of these options. It's not evil to hate because to hate something is an opinion, just as loving something is. But, it doesn't depend on what you hate for it to be evil because that means to hate something else is good, or at least not evil.

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Evil is to act because of hatred, not to hate. Hating someone doesn't harm them. At least that's what I think.

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Rick_Zeta5A(357) Disputed
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Evil is repeated, systemic, informed badness. Badness being something that effects the overall suffering of the human race, now and in the future, to include other animals of discerning nature that come to harm.

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Evil is repeated, systemic, informed badness

We can sum that up in one word. "liberalism".

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Mack(534) Clarified
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I didn't mean that evil only arose from acting due to hatred, just that hatred is one source of evil.

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