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Is it evil to stir up conflict in the community?


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I consider 3 things when deciding if I see a thing to be either good or bad. Was the intention behind the act of good will or ill will? Was the results following the act mostly good or mostly bad overall, all affected parties considered? And in what way was the act done, respectfully or disrespectfully, considerately or inconsiderately etc? ... I see little instances where stirring up conflict in the community for it's own sake would be an act of good will for that community. I would have to assume that the majority of times conflict is stirred for it's own sake it would usually be an act of ill will.

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Most protests are AGAINST a perceived evil, yet they stir up conflict, so, no.

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Most protests are AGAINST a perceived evil

Most protests I've seen were people breaking windows, throwing firebombs, looting businesses, and supporting murdering babies while wearing hats that represent their genitiles.

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excon(14762) Disputed
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Most protests I've seen were people breaking windows

Hello bront:

At least the left wing knows HOW to protest.. When right wingers protest, they bring their lawn chairs..


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AlofRI(3249) Clarified
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Understood. That's the only kind they show you on FAUX News. That's the kind the white nationalists love to instigate. ;-)

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