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Is it fair to change debate format for Palin?

Evening the playing field?

The New York Times writes that the Vice Presidential debate format will be different than the standard Presidential debate format. The amount of time each question gets will be shorter, meaning less depth in answers. There will also be less time set aside for back and forth, free debating. The McCain people claimed that the standard format would have put Palin at a disadvantage because she hasn't done much debating. They also tried to have it changed so that she didn't have to answer any back and forth questions at all, but that was denied by the committee. Is the change in the debate format fair?


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Basically, the change means that Palin won't get hard questions or have to stand up to any rebuttals Biden makes. This should be a fair, standard debate, because if she's elected as a Vice President, she won't get the world to give her handicaps because she's unfamiliar with politics and how to do the job she's elected to.

The change will make the debate less interesting and less of a true test of the two vice presidential candidates.

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No way. I've never debated anyone before I came here, and I don't feel like I have any problem. How the hell did she become a governor without debating anyone? The only reason for this is not lack of debate experience, but lack of correct answers.

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I started a debate along these lines. What_do_you_know_about_the_Commission_on_Presidential_Debates

Both parties are to blame for this. We need to force the candidates to debate in an impartial setting. No holds bared.

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