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Is it immoral to up vote the arguments on your side regardless of content?

When I come across an debate in which the reasonable side is losing, I am tempted to up vote a few of the posts to sway the balance. Is this a cardinal sin of CreateDebate? Or is it common practice? I just can't stand it when the emotional people win!


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I don't believe that it is fundamentally immoral.

I believe it can be somewhat unethical though, at least insofar as ethics apply here.

I would consider myself to be behaving in an unethical manner if I promoted arguments that I agree with on the surface, but that represent fallacious, inflammatory, or a lack of solid reasoning, even if they support my side (such as it is).

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It isn't immoral because it is fake voting. There is no morality involved. I usually just upvote something I find funny or I thought was creative, though.

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Just a heads up, I am going to up vote everyone who agrees with me on this.

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well this is tempting. ;)

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It has no impact on the world......................................

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when my side is losing, i usually end up voting up a few arguments. but i don't drastically vote up all of them.

i also usually do it when the debate is a serious one, and i've been aggressively participating and proving my point. and the other side is obviously(according to me) the wrong side.

but the only serious debates i've been participating in are dogs v/s cats, chicken or egg, and clever beggars.

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