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Are you being double-sided if you add arguments supporting both sides? and no..

Should you just stick with one view? Or is it okay to present the best views of each side?


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No, the whole point of a debate is to present all points and discuss them, even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

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One of the skills a good debater should have is the ability to argue both sides of an argument - be able to present points both for and against.

There is certainly nothing wrong with choosing which side of a debate you believe is presenting the facts. BUT, any debater will improve his/her skills by being able to make arguments both ways!

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You can be indecisive, and give your stance for both views! People may not have as much respect though.. Your not being flip-floppy, you are more intellectual and can see things from different views.

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I'll say yes to: "okay to present the best views of each side?" if you can. A debate is a series of "But, on the other hand..." stances that people take on different issues with or without supporting documentation. You are blessed if you see the many sides to any issue and can voice them. There's nothing "double-sided" about it. It's also a great way to get your debate moved up so that people will see it and respond.

Side: Just be honest in presenting both