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Is it okay to insult soldiers?


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A service member was getting livid with me because I didn't think the Iraq war the greatest thing since sliced bread. He kept going on and on about how America saved the day, how he "truly saw" what happened there and told me I should be thanking him. To that I said "fuck you, I'm not going to kiss your ass because you went to play hero in a 3rd world country and got over a million civilians killed in the process, you should be ashamed of yourself and your country!" From the look on his face, he wanted to kill me, be he refrained. Instead he went on a tirade about how people like me "need to learn to respect those above us" and "honor those who serve the greatest country on God's great Earth." I guess I should have been a tad bit more polite, but fuck it, freedom of speech and all...

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If a person is acting in a manner that calls for an insult, their status or occupation should be accounted for in ones decision making process. However, it should not be the primary determination in ones choice to insult. Nobody who deserves it is beyond insultable. That being said, GuitaristDog, you're a dick.

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GenericName(3430) Clarified
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Why didn't you state your opinion in a legitimate and respectable fashion? I agree with your opinions on Iraq, but you could have handled that in a mature way, which would have given your statements more legitimacy.

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GuitaristDog(2548) Clarified
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The debate started out civil, but when it's just a 1 on 1 thing, it's not on the books and you realize the person you're arguing with is to closed minded to even listen to a word you say, you stop caring about being respectable. Yes, I may have lost my temper but at least I had good reason to and am not ashamed to express anger when I feel anger. This man was already talking in a tone that would be considered hostile and was taking it very personally that I didn't love America and support every war they had ever taken place in, so I thought to myself: Fuck it, this man is incapable of civil debate, is already taking this personally and now wants me to thank him? I'd rather have a low point and speak my mind raw and clear than hold back and miss the opportunity to tell someone off that needed to be told off. Does that make more sense?

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It's not okay to insult anyone, especially not those who do everything they can to help our country.

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