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 Is it possible that animals have their own deities? (8)

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Is it possible that animals have their own deities?

It's just something I was wondering.


An example is in Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats books.


Is it possible that animals may have religion? Or do they live their lives like agnostic people or atheists?

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It technically is possible. Realistically, it is very unlikely.

BlueEyed15(140) Disputed
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How is it realistically unlikely? There are plenty of intelligent animals on the planet like apes, dolphins, whales, parrots- and studies have even shown that pigs are among the most intelligent animals on earth.

Just because they are not US it does not mean they can't worship as we do.

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Doubtful because if they did we would of most likely observed animals doing so by now.

Harvard(666) Disputed
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How so? Are you presupposing that belief and/or worship is manifestly expressed equally amongst all species? In other words, should the indications of worship be the same for animals as it is for humans (even though humans themselves express worship in a multitude of ways)?

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I agree with this.

It's not like you're going to see an animal put their paws/find together in prayer. (Although technically speaking it is possible)

It's quite a subjective topic and solid evidence is difficult to identify unless you can read the relevant animal's mind.

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This is hard to answer. Even if they are intelligent, it takes a special kind of mind to ponder one's own existence. We obviously can't rule it out, but from our current understanding of animal behavior it seems unlikely.

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That depends on how you define deities. They are probably not religious. They probably consider humans as powerful beings, but supernatural is a human construct. They probably just think humans can do this because that is their capability, not that they are supernatural.

I'm skeptical but perhaps they do have some sort of a worship complex.