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Is it possible to adjust the volume of your thoughts?

There was a little story on NPR about this mental disease where people hear music in their head.

Turns out 70% of the fibers in our ears which pick up noise are pointing the opposite direction. That is, we are listening to our own brain with 70% of these fibers.

How is that possible? Our brains don't have vocal cords or throats or lungs.

So, it is memory of sound we are hearing. Or is it?

I tried some brain tests and I got stuck on volume.

I found I cannot actually adjust the volume whether I am thinking a shout or a whisper. Sure there is the perception that one is louder, but at least for me, paying careful attention they are "the same volume" whatever that means considering your brain, again, doesn't have a voice box.

I imagined the sound of water dripping next to a waterfall for careful measure. The water dripping should have been drowned out, but the noises were equally loud try as I might to drown out the water drop.

I promptly had to pee after the experiment.

Can others control the volume of their thoughts?

Do some naturally "think louder" than others?

Is it possible to not hear ourselves think?

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