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Black skin;- you're in. You're white; Go fly your kite
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Is it racist to secure a career promotion because of the color of your skin?

Racist Biden has promised to stand by his campaign pledge to nominate a ''BLACK WOMAN'' to the Supreme Court if the opportunity arose.
No equality of opportunity, no selection process based on merit or qualifications.
This will be a political appointment based on skin color and gender.
This black/female gender biased decision making procedure does nothing more than fly in the face of everything that was put in place to foster racial harmony.

Black skin;- you're in.

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You're white; Go fly your kite

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Poopy Pants made this racial and gender biased commitment to secure a larger percentage of the black and female vote during his Presidential campaign.

Now, this begs the question, what would we have witnessed if such a promise were made that a white male would be nominated for the Supreme Court?

1) Outrage expressed by the mainstream left-wing media.

2)Violent protests by blacks with the real prospect of murders and widespread property destruction.

3) Feminists screaming mad and causing civic disturbances on a massive, national scale.


Side: Black skin;- you're in.
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So, if we consider objectively the state of today's BIDENIZED AMERICA we will note that we our constitution is being attacked on all sides;-

1)Left-wing, NUTTY President.

2) A laugh-a-minute Communist Vice President.

3)Unashamed left-wing mainstream media.

4)Equal opportunity legislations applicable only to blacks.

5)Fair employment legislation pertaining only to blacks.

6)Positive discrimination practises favoring blacks.

7)A woke driven push to disregard the fair employment laws and engage and promote females in preference to males regardless of their ability to fulfill the functions of a given vacant position more efficiently, or on a par with males.

8)Merit and competency of the applicant has ceased to be the criteria necessary to secure any available position with race and gender being the two main deciding factors.

If a business abandons its policy of employing personnel on qualifications, merit, track record and proven conscientiousness then that concern will go bankrupt as sure as night follows day.

President Poopy Pants has jettisoned the principles of fair and equal opportunity employment practices in favor of ANTI-WHITE RACISM AND ANTI-MALE GENDER DISCRIMINATION.


Side: Black skin;- you're in.

Racism is racism no matter who practices it. The Left doesn't get a pass.

Side: Black skin;- you're in.
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Open anti-white racism and male discrimination blatantly performed in front of our faces and we sit back passively whistling a happy tune.

All of us who want to see an equal opportunity America progress fairly and strongly must remember this act of anti-white, anti-male and anti-American prejudice by the bungling President and leader of the communistic Democrat Party.

Side: You're white; Go fly your kite
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Let's say that Donald Trump had made a pledge to nominate a white male to the Supreme Court during his Presidential campaign and then clear your mind of all else and try to imagine the ferocity of the back-lash.

What are you seeing?

Side: You're white; Go fly your kite
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BIDENIZED AMERICA is going to need one hell of an enormous plug-hole because we're all going down it pretty soon.

Side: You're white; Go fly your kite
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Is it racist to secure a career promotion because of the color of your skin?

Yes, but the left promotes racism in order to feel good regardless of if the candidate is qualified or does a good job. Results are not a leftist virtue. Feelings are a left wing virtue.

Side: You're white; Go fly your kite