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Is it right to question god?


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Yes. If you do not question God, you cannot know Him. Asking questions is the only way to learn.

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Very well said.

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Thank you sweetie. :)

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Many of the Saints questioned God and even Job questioned God. Questions bring about intellectual discussions.

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Everyone is going to have doubts, so, it is O.K. to ask questions.

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Let's, for once, try this point of view.

You say that we should question god, that only by questioning him can we truly learn about him. Tell me something. Do you question your mother, why she gave birth to you? Your father, why he takes care of you? Your teacher, why he teaches you? your brother, why he loves you? No. Still, you cannot say that you do not truly love them, nor can you say that they do not truly love you. Don't get me wrong here- to think the other way, you have to look at new concepts, at a new way of thinking.

Here one may raise the question that god cannot be felt, seen, smelt or heard, therefore it's right to question him. However, it is sure that he exists ( I have exhausted the theory of his existence in another debate, so I will avoid mentioning it here ), so if you go questioning on and on and on, you will never really reach a conclusion which can be proved through logic. The concept of god cannot really be proven through logic.

You placed the point that it is only by questioning him that you can truly understand him. But what if you learn about him? Before questioning him, if you learn about him and apply your brain cells, you will see that you have no questions left, only the clarity which you can achieve by looking at the matter with a new perspective.

Given, ultimately, the side of the debate on which I am working, I say-no, it isn't, well, logical, to question god, nor is it morally, if you are a religious person.

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You aren't a parent, are you? All of these questions that we 'do not' ask our parents, etc. are in fact asked by children. And how.

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By your argument I take the meaning that you mean to say that why do our children argue with us? That's because they do not know. They do not even know how to speak, how would they understand? What they ask is out of raw curiosity which they do not have the skill or intelligence to research on their own, whereas questioning god is taking it to a whole new level.

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