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Is it sad that the Communist, Giovanni Gentile, created Fascism?

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"Giovanni Gentile (Italian: [dʒoˈvanni dʒenˈtiːle]; 30 May 1875 – 15 April 1944) was an Italian[3][4] neo-Hegelian idealist philosopher"

The first line alone shows him being in direct ideological opposition to Marx who was a materialist rather than an idealist.

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The first line alone shows him being in direct ideological opposition to Marx who was a materialist rather than an idealist.

From the Encyclopaedia Brittanica:-

After the fall of Benito Mussolini in 1943, Gentile supported the Fascist Social Republic established by the Germans at Salò and was made the president of the Academy of Italy, in which post he served until his death at the hands of anti-Fascist communists.

Brontoraptor is a lying fascist scumball who blames the left for everything just like Hitler and Mussolini did. He's literally the second coming of Hitler.

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seanB(951) Disputed
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You're wrong. Fascism as we know it existed long before Gentile and Mussolini. It finds roots in the writings of Drumont, Peguy, Barrés, Maurras, and before them in Otto von Bismarck, arguably all the way back to Kant and his proto-fascist bollox, when even parliamentary democracy was considered radical to many conservatives. Because why? Because fascism has always been diametrically opposed to rationalist individualism and egalitarian collectivism. It is anti-intellectual; expansionist; aggressive; sophist; anti-egalitarian; anti-Marxist; and male-dominated.

The American flavour is especially laughable, as it takes on a litany of characteristics completely antithetical to the ideals of "freedom" so many conservatives are quick to espouse yet loathe to see enacted. "Make America Great Again", they say. "When was it great?", we reply: "back when Americans fought against fascism, the very ideology you white trash, black-hating, Swastika wearing hillbilly cunts keep having hick rallies for, in between attending Trump speeches and shoot'n bullets for Jeebus?" You're a bag of impossible contradictions; a human clusterfuck; a personified shit on a plate.

Palingenesis is the fascist belief that a state or nation must be reborn in a former image ... sound familiar?

Ernst Nolte has it absolutely spot on when he writes that fascism arose as a resistance to modernity. In other words, its core motivations are regressive. You're more evolutionarily close to a chimpanzee than you are inclined to admit.

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Ctrlaltdel(87) Disputed
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George Washington was a monarchist therefor America is a monarchy.

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Nom_Chomsky(845) Disputed
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Your second problem being that the creator of Fascism was a Communist

Are you fucking retarded? Giovanni Gentile was literally murdered by Communists for being a fascist. So was Mussolini.

Fuck off, you ridiculous far right extremist toad.

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