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Is it safe to have your profile picture be a real one of you?

Should we put who we really look like on websites, specifically this one?

Yeah, sure

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No, its too public

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It's fine. I don't think showing a picture will harm me. Now, giving away my address, phone number, school, age, SSN, license number, DOB, full name, weight, height, hair color, eye color, skin color, BMI, ....... right.

Well, giving away a lot of information might not be good for me.

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Well um I put my picture up on Myspace and I think that Myspace poses a much bigger threat due to the much bigger number of users. Putting up your picture on a site with less than a hundred regulars and around what a couple thousand people? When Myspace has more than 20 million users.

Even then who cares? What does it change? I've got a better chance of getting messed up in a public place due to someone's dislike of me rather than a low traffic website =]

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I see kuklapolitans picture and think " wow, it sure is nice to put a face to the speaker of such wise words! Should i put up my own picture?" I have been debating with myself about this for a while and figured hey, why not get other peoples opinions? now I'm sure that kuklapolitan has some mad samurai skills or something to protect herself, (just look at her picture! she can tame ferocious animals and call them to her aid!) but I only have a little swiss army knife by my bed. is this place too public to put my face on?

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I put my picture up for everything; I believe that it makes it more personal. It also makes it real.

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What is the difference between going out inpublic, where people see your face, and having people here see your face?

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the public doesn't have creepy guys who hunt little boys! does it? i'm never going outsid again!

Side: No, its too public

The same rules that apply on the outside apply here as well. Don't talk to strangers. Now...., having said that...., do you want some candy little boy? ;)

Side: No, its too public
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Of course it's safe. That's why I use a real photo of myself.

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I think only if you're a responsible teenager/adult. Under 12, I don't think so.

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sniper kitten for at least one more day until everyone reads the thing underneath it then i change my picture. you still have to guess which one i am though :)

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