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Is it scientifically, the mother's body, that is being aborted?

Fairy tale leftist answer.

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Abortions shows how little Democrats care for women because so many viable girl babies are killed because the parents wanted a boy.

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Liberals hate women, children, and anything that disagrees with their agenda. To date, not one scientific study has proven said leftist delusion, that is is the mother's body. God's Book, also says: You shall not murder. Jesus was Incarnate at conception, according to Luke. Maybe liberals are trying to abort Jesus, the Jesus who loves them for free. I thought they loved free gifts. Who choose death and satan over life, and Jesus? Christians need to pray hard.

Side: Fairy tale leftist answer.

These Democrats who call themselves Christian would have supported the right of Mother Mary to kill Jesus.

This is how lost they truly are.

Side: Fairy tale leftist answer.

Yes, these Liberals always say it is the mother's body, but never mention the other body inside the mother. I guess in this selfish world, the location of innocent life matters. If you happen to be located insdie the mother, we can kill you.

Side: Fairy tale leftist answer.
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