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Is jargon in the workplace useful, or detrimental?

Recap your learning. 


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If it were detrimental, we wouldn't do it.

If I walk back into a tire shop on an aircraft carrier and say something to the effect of "show me your pub for pulling an E/F nose rubber" or "what's the ETA on your PQS for your 3M qual" or something else with half a dozen acronyms that I deliberately don't remember, everyone in that room despite never having met me will instantly know what I'm talking about. If I said all of that in words that everyone understands, it would take a hell of a lot more syllables. Syllables are bad. They confuse dumb people, and they take more time to say.

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Knowing the ETA on your PQS for your 3M qual is a BFD ;)

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Jargon is, or can be a form of written or ''verbal-shorthand'' ( just made this term up) which can speed up communications between professionals and trades people.

The understanding of these abridged terms normally exclude those who are not members of the specialist groups that use them.

The down side is when articles intended for general viewing include jargon of which the average reader has no knowledge.

It's all jargon to me.

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