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Is judaism a race or a religion?


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Hello N:

My DNA test said that I was 97% Ashkenazi Jewish. I didn't know religion showed up on a DNA test..

Besides, Jews kinda look alike. The slave Nazi dude calls us hook noses... Clearly, HE thinks we look alike... Do Catholics look alike??? No, they don't.. Do Christians look alike?? No, they don't. Jews do..

So, to me, it looks like we're BOTH a religion and a race..


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excon(14664) Clarified
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Hello again, Nom:

Sometimes this insular DNA inheritance wasn’t necessarily geographic — it may have been cultural. For example, Jews or Mennonite Christians married and had children within their own groups for generation after generation, creating a correlation between DNA and cultural identity. ?utm source=newsletter&utm;medium=email&utm;campaign=newsletter201802&utm;term=dnabasics&utm;content=EN&tr;_date=20180214

So, Jews might be an ethnicity instead of a race.. Do you know the difference?? I don't..

But, I'm also interested is WHY you work SOOOO hard to prove I'm NOT a Jew.


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Daegonius(331) Clarified
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If jews are a race does that mean no one can convert to judaism if they aren't born jewish? Ah but that's the thing, ashkenazi jews have very little real hebrew blood, in fact the hebrew genes are so diluted that any "jew" has very little if any. So I guess jews don't exist since they where a race. It's like calling yourself black because you have 0.00001% african DNA

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NumberOne(442) Clarified
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So, Jews might be an ethnicity instead of a race

Hi Con.

I have already explained this to you, buddy. In the strictest technical sense a shared religion is a form of ethnicity because it involves the passing down of a unique culture derived from that religion. But since you don't share or practice the religion then you are not ethnically Jewish. The way ethnicity is being used to describe Judaism would also apply to the other major religions, since Islam and Christianity also have their own unique cultures. The only real difference is that the latter two religions are chronologically younger.

By labelling itself an ethnicity rather than a religion, leaders of the Jewish state are able to create the faux impression that rejection of their policies is a form of racism/bigotry. The entire point seems to be creating a false association between Judaism and race, through the medium of ethnicity, since casual application of this word is almost always related to race.

If you are cynical about this, then consider what automatically springs to mind when the word "anti-Semite" is invoked. Your mind makes an instant connection to a racial bias against Jews. However, Semites are a genuine racial group with no connection to Judaism other than the fact that a lot of them were/are Jews. Two separate concepts are being morphed together for no other reason than because the product is a rhetorical weapon which can be used by the Jewish state against dissenters and critics.

But, I'm also interested is WHY you work SOOOO hard to prove I'm NOT a Jew.

Where have you derived the idea that I am working hard? I am simply trying to do you the courtesy of educating you in a matter you have a distorted understanding of. I would not need to keep repeating myself if you would simply absorb the things I said rather than repeating every day that you are a Jew. You are not a Jew. I'm sorry if you are unhappy that your premise is being challenged, but if it really upsets you that much then you can solve the problem simply by worshipping the Abrahamic God.

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Judaism is a religion. Sorry to say this, but this is a dumb question. Jews would be the people. Judaism is what they worship. And also, Jews are an ethnic group...not a race, nor is Judaism a race. The “ism” on the end should be judgement enough to tell whether or not it’s a race. No race has “ism” on the end.

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