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Is negative political advertising detrimental to the democratic process?


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I am so ready for this election to be over!!

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Not only is it detrimental to the process, I believe it is detrimental to the candidate who is casting dispersions on the other person...unless they are true. I too am ready for all this to be over, it's almost anti-climactic!

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It does make the slinger look really bad. I think we as Americans have just voted for a cleaner campaign style. We just said you can be civil while pointing out what makes your opponent the wrong choice. Wouldn't it be nice if this election became a model for future ones - if we raised the bar?

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No, I like the zingers ;)

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not really. it used to be a lot worse during the Founding Fathers days. It's really part of human nature to do mud slinging. actually, it's been pretty controlled... campaign wise at least. Obama has the machine on his side.

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