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 Is online customer service satisfying customer needs? (8)

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Is online customer service satisfying customer needs?

Conducting a research on people's opinion on customer service, and whether or not online or offline customer service satisfy customer needs.

Companies such as banks, mobile networks and airlines nowadays rather you tweet them than try and call. Phone details are no longer provided or when you visit a store/office you are referred to their website for assistance. Companies are shifting more towards online services rather then the traditional offline services. Is this indeed beneficial for the customer needs?

Articles such as:
makes you wonder whether indeed shifting completely to online services, in the long term might be a disadvantage for the customer.

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Is online customer service satisfying customer needs? 

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If the other person is at the same moment online it can be satisfying. On the other hand when you are encountered with language barrier one must understand each others stand point before assuming and/or giving a solution. Online customer service has it's pro's and con's yet I believe it's better than offline customer service. Good Luck!

I don't think online customer service is as good as over the phone customer service or in person customer service. I think this because we had an situation where we needed some assistance and they offered it online. The guy that attempted to help us got us nowhere and from what he was typing seemed like he really didn't care.

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I find online customer service to be very hit or miss in terms of effectiveness and speed to resolve issues. I have had similar good and bad experiences with live customer service, but the real issues is that when you have poor online customer service it is very difficult to explain the issues or for the customer service representative (CSR) to understand your emotions. I feel that when I "really need something" I will always call live (assuming live voice support is available). There are certainly times where online support has succeeded in resolving my problem. just none memorable.

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Online customer service has generally been better for me than offline, unless I am physically face to face with the customer service representative. Wait time is usually shorter, and most importantly I have a written transcript of the exchange instead of the company possessing the only record.

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I have dealt with Dell online. The online service there is better than the phone service. The reason is that many of their customer support are Indians who happen to have a heavy accent and I am hearing impaired. They do speak English well, they are grammatically correct and do know their stuff. I just have a heard time understanding them. But once I can read what they are saying, the problem goes away and they help me get my issues resolved.

One good way to solve over the phone customer service issues with foreign call centers is if there is a "hearing impaired" option (common with tech services but not always available), they are almost always domestic representatives. I am not hearing impaired but I do often have difficulties understanding the accent, and have found that every single time I have used the hearing impaired option, I was matched with an American call center.

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I'm just glad they don't do video conferencing. I would find the red dot distracting. I'd be like, "Duck!!! A sniper has you on his sights!!!"

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