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Is our medical system corrupt?

I personally think it is. If you look at the comparison of U.S. medicine prices to those of foreign countries, U.S. prices can sometimes be four or more times higher than their alien counterparts.
But the sad thing is that it makes sense- to develop a new drug and pass all the tests and regulations, it costs (on average) about $1,000,000,000. But whatever. At least I can get points out of it.


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Oh yes. Medicines in other countries are almost always 1/3 the cost of ours in America. For some reason medical marijuana still has a stigma against it, oh wait, we know the reason, big pharma doesn't want competition which could decrease their ability to overcharge as well as force someone to pay ten times the amount for a single pill that is absolutely necessary for a person.

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foget the cost of drugs them drugs half of dem kill u faster than the disease the system be corrupt AF ppl aint livin healthy and they think they need drugs STFU yall need to eat right and get sum son

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Stop eatin wat they feedin you drinking usin floride and GMO and chemicles and u think u aint gon get sick, u a stupit ho

Lemmie tell u whites aint from the tropics they had diffrent food sources they adapted to eat meat and live in caves and we adapted to be in that SUNSHINE gurl and eat the fruts of D erth

Blacks b need more sun go to the tropics get yo ass up off that shit and eat a fuckin mango bish

I use 2 b one them fat hoes stuffin by fat ass with burgers and fries now i got my shit together yall whites and everyone else u cin change 2 you just gotta be a human being not eat like a fuccin neanderthal all kinds of cholesterol N shit and chemicels designed to kill u the whites supremacists even kill off the poor wites dis shit sick dat illuminati aint a joke yall gotta open that 3rd eye i can help yall just check out dr sebi and eligio natureboy on youtube

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I aware medical system corrupt , It cause situation that people can't take care body by myself. I'm being accused recent three year . all of people blame situation that we can't take medical care , I'm disappointed medical system .

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