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Is playing phone not suitable for children

U should write something which make sense


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Really because they can’t do revision and that is really bad for students because it is really bad that if their scores and affect their life

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What the fuck holy shit u sort of a bitch Ms Cocona and WTF WELCOME TO FACEBOOK

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Wtfncdjcndknknsknscdknsndksncdkwtf what the fuck sort of a bitch

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See. Mobile phone is a gadget which was invented in order to ease the load of communication. And after the entry of internet we can see that many sort of works are made easy. Children today get a load of homework and projects from there schools or colleges, and Internet helps them to find different kinds of stuffs which can ease there works. So i don't think that phone is a bane for children. If they use it in a suitable amount then it is the most beautiful device we ever had

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If phone use is to blame for this grammatical hatchet job of a debate, topped off by U should write something which make sense, then we all need to destroy our phones with as much violence as possible.

But in all seriousness, I don't have a smartphone because 1) I don't need one, 2) I'm too addicted to the internet already, 3) I don't want one thinking for me, and 4) I don't want to be one of these zombies on autopilot you see every day who jumps back into the glowbox at any slightly dull moment.

So, yes. Destroy the smartphones. Failing that, definitely don't give them to your kids. No need to rush that addiction.

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Because they may rrelax themselves so it is so god and so good

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No way because using phone can help children relax and release stress before assessment. So parents should let children to play phone or WhatsApp each other instead of taking away from children

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Who is faking this debate, no school would have a debate like this. If you speak english that badly chances are you don't speak english, so why is your debate in english? Because you're a troll using alt accounts and making no sense on purpose.

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