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Of course not. Of course.
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Is Politics like Driving a Car?

R = backward D = forward

Of course not.

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Of course.

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You know there are more than two political parties, right?

This "team" mentality that evolves around party politics keeps us stuck in neutral.

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Tamisan(890) Disputed
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You make a good point, Sparsely. Between the two major parties, however, do you agree or disagree with this humorous yet popular simile?

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sparsely(496) Disputed
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No, I think it's a gross and unhelpful oversimplification.

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Well, if you want to talk about civil rights, then yes. Democrats want to move the nation forward in the area of civil rights and have been doing so for the past several decades. The best recent example would be equal rights for homosexuals, like marriage and allowing them to serve openly in the military. Republicans are stopping, and in some cases, reversing progress.

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I had not heard or seen this one before! I think it's very clever actually. So if,

Democrats = Forward and

Republicans = Reverse, then

Libertarians = Come with every Accessory known to man

Green = Is a Hybrid

Constitution = Has a Lifetime Warranty

Sorry, I was doing some free association there for a minute!

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