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It is beneficial..... It should be banned
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Is porn beneficial to the 'individual'?

It is beneficial.....

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It should be banned

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I'm only voting on this side because the other says it should be outright banned.

Porn CAN be beneficial but it depends on all the variables involved. Who is making it, what are they doing, who is watching it, what does it mean to the person watching, etc? There are some married couples who film their own and watch their own. And there are some porn stars for whom it's the only way they can earn a living. And there are people who may be inclined to take much worse real life actions if they didn't vent their desires by watching and masturbating, etc.

I'll grant that in the vast majority of cases the examples above aren't what's going on. So yes most of the time it really isn't beneficial. But, "most" is not enough reason by itself to outright ban it. Furthermore, I would not be surprised in the slightest if the most vocal opponents of porn actually have their own skeletons in their closet, whether it's other perverse sexual materials at their fingertips or if it's direct sexual activity of questionable nature so they hide it.

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Happiness is good, unhappiness is bad. If porn can bring about more happiness than it can unhappiness then...

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They get cash for doing it... Cash-money gets you places...

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jeffreyone(1351) Clarified
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Ok what about the viewers? There are so many who want to stop it but can't ...including pastors. Several Pastors themselves have confessed.....and they are now out of ministry.

Its eating a lot of people up who can't quit.Both theists and atheists.

No one knows they watch it, and no one asks them to stop but they want to and they just can't.From child to adult

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instig8or(3307) Disputed
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Let's ban video games because some people get addicted and waste their lives away.

Let's actually ban create-debate because some people get addicted to playing multiple personalities all day and night or even copy pasting other people's debates instead of doing something with their life.

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Dermot(5453) Clarified Banned
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Can't is only a word and it limits human beings , I have personally known people who have defeated the most dreadful addictions by believing they can .. every journey starts with a first step no matter how small

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Whether you are a theist or an atheist pornography is terrible for the heart and mind. it gives the viewers a false view of what intimacy looks like. Intimacy in a relationship in not sex, intimacy is sharing feelings and literally thinking as one for the benefit of the other, and sacrificing yourself for your significant other. Sex can no doubt be involved in a relationship, but it is not the backbone to any good relationship. Pornography creates an unreal image that no man or woman can ever fulfill leading to self esteem issues and depression. Also, pornography leads to infidelity and lack of commitment in a relationship, which are two of the leading causes of divorce.

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Denis_didero(24) Disputed
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Do you realise that porn is under the category of entertainment? Porn overall doesn't need to be realistic in all its aspects. If you wish to have or watch this "real" pornography that is, why not just galavant out amongst your righteous SJW friends for "real" sex. I can only surmise that your reality or knowledge of the dictionary are distorted. Pornography isn't one of those mentioned "leading causes of divorce", if there is such a thing. In fact porn might even give suggestions to better make ones sex life more exciting. Other couples do watch porn by themselves,

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