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Is raiding a former President's home a threat to democracy?


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Insofar that the timing and motivating compulsion behind the raid was designed exclusively to malign the character of one political candidate while simultaneously boosting the electoral prospects of the opposing contestant the answer has to be an ENORMOUS YES.

One of the most disappointing elements to emerge from the midterms for me was how the F.B.I.,'s Christopher Wray unashamedly illustrated how he had aligned his supposedly non-partisan organization with the Democrat Party.

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Note how the reference to Christopher Wray's F.B.I. affiliation with the Democrat Party will probably result in this thread getting a fast passage through CD's viewing display.

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Not that I know a whole lot about US politics. But in principle...

FBI raids in general are presumably not immoral or undemocratic as long as they have a search warrant (which they did in Trump's case.)

In the special case of it being a raid on a president just before an election:

If there was suspicion enough to warrant the issuing of a search warrant, perhaps it is not the fault of the FBI, but the fault of the former president and thus not a threat to democracy.

The fault could also be displaced to the media. In this way, it would not be the raid that threatens democracy, but the media handling of the raid.

The general idea being that the former president should not be able to act with legal impunity.

Idk, just spitballing :)

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