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Is respect a right?


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While I agree that respect at it's bare minimum has to be a right, the kind of respect you're looking for need not be a right.

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Absolutely. I kind of feel that if you don't respect someone when you meet them it says more about yourself. You're already assuming that person didn't deserve it. I give it until someone gives me reason not to. I like to expect the best from others. If they don't follow, I have no problem changing that though.

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Everyone has a right to be respected as a human being, stranger, relative and what you may be. it is right in terms of politeness and good manners. Respect is right and a right that people should have. If your still not certain about respect being a right then consider having no respect as a wrong.


:: is thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself or others.

:is thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their well-being.

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No, like a lot of things in life, respect has to be earned.

Over a lifetime of changing professional and social scenes respect will have to be earned many times over.

It would be a mistake to assume that new acquaintances or associates will be aware of your past achievements or personality type.

Most people you will interact with in new situations will prod and poke to see where in the pecking order they will stand with you.

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You seen to think respect is something to do with professional status, but that confusing two different things. The true meaning of respect is a basic degree of decency we afford to one another. It is indeed the right of every sentient being to enjoy respect. This is true even if a cow is being sent for slaughter. The law actually recognises this right in civilised counties. Certainly in the UK, if you were being a complete dick to an animal you will find yourself open to prosecution.

Being decent to people is the right thing to do, and most people feel bad when they can't meet those basic standards. But not everyone. Thise who just don't get it with the respect thing are perhaps better off at times. But the fact is that those same people deserve a degree of decency from strangers too. I'm not big on the bible but I like the Sodom and Gomora story: The ill treatment of strangers is basically what causes the cities to be trashed. (No matter what your preacher may have told you.) Anyone arguring that rights and respect must be learned is probably not a person of empathy.

What if it's just a straight choice? What is we had a vote on weather rights are a privilege or not? What would the campaigns look like?

I'm pretty sure the 'no respect crew would be a motley one, all the usual suspects, the survivalist, the white supremacist, no?

The right to respect is universal and tacitly understood by all living creatures. To advocate otherwise is to fly in the face of nature, and to spoil everything for everyone.

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I agree. I don't think respect is a right either........................................

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