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Is science essential to a free society?


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How else are we going to Google stuff ;)

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And that is why you are sext, old man. ;)

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A truly free society should be free to ignore science as well as free to acknowledge it.

Thus, if it happens to be that no-one in a free society wants to acknowledge science, they should be free to do so.

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With science we can develope medical breakthroughs, such as behavioral science, psychiatry and such which can be helpful to the justice system.

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A free society has no justice system.

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nothing should be essential if its a free society. except the freedom, probably. right?

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So what if I wanted to join a terrorist group? I have now and never will be willing to do so. I'm just pointing out the implications of your statement. Your question is valid though.

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So what if I wanted to join a terrorist group?

terrorists usually fight for a specfic reason. and if we're all given freedom, why'd anybody have to fight for what they need. unless they're saidsts.

agreeably, that is too far fatched and idealistic. :P but oh well.

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