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Is studying the end of the world bad for children?

In Science my child is studying how the sun will die and the explode in a supernova then turn into a black hole and all humanity will die out. Is this appropiate for children at the age of eleven?


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Being taught incorrect information, is bad for children.

Our sun doesn't have enough mass to form a black hole, silly goose.

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My child feels uncomfortable learning a bout how humanity will die out at this age. This may be more appropriate when they are older but for now this makes me uncmfortable.

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MuckaMcCaw(1969) Clarified
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To be fair, by the time our sun dies, MILLIONS of years from now, humans will either be extinct, have evolved into something new or moved on to other planets. It is highly unlikely that human kind will die that way, or even live long enough to do so.

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Children are impressionable and I can remember back to those times when I would lie awake at night worrying that the world would come to an end that night.

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They are learning about something that will not happen for a VERY long time; something that will happen outside of their lifetime. Therefore, it doesn't and shouldn't make them too 'worried' as such. They will learn about it eventually, so why not sooner rather than later?

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MeiCH(34) Disputed
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Even if that is true since the children are being taught by their teachers (who they look up to at their age) they will not know that and will take their teachers lessons as scientific fact.

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MuckaMcCaw(1969) Disputed
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You realize that the troll was trolling right? If our sun craps out, living on the moon won't save anyone, since it occupies the same orbit as the Earth. When the sun shuts down, ALL planets and moons in the system will be equally uninhabitable. But humans will almost certainly be gone by then anyway.

Anyway, that lesson IS scientific fact, as least as far as we are able to determine with current knowledge and technology. The future might prove the scientists wrong, but as of now, there is no reason to assume against it.

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