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Is taxation theft?


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Is owning stuff theft?

Don't we tax everyone around us?

Maybe tax is unavoidable.

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"ABUSE" of tax money is theft. We are supposed to get as much for our tax money as possible, safety, convenience, health care and protection, education, etc.. It is SUPPOSED to be an "investment" By the people and FOR the people. When it is TAKEN, and given to others that do not RETURN IT, but use it for their own purposes ... it is theft. Over the last decades, since Reagan, a hell of a lot has been taken, and not returned. That's why over 80% of the countries money resides in offshore accounts of the rich and famous. THAT is theft, NOT what taxation is supposed to be.

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No, but tax evasion is theft.

That is theft of the money necessary to maintain the services vital to the nation's well being and survival.

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