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Is the Common Core effective?

Many people oppose the common core, but are there any noticable benefits?


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My children are in elementary and middle school. I have noticed that the common core introduces certain math concepts earlier than they were introduced under what every system or method was previously used. I am in favor of common core now, but certainly don't know the reasons why people don't like it.

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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One reason is that now state schools are entirely under federal rule when it comes to education and some states don't feel like they have a say. Therefore, they disagree with it.

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The states that signed and agreed to common core took money from the government. That's why it is federal government based. I live in Nebraska and we told the government to get lost. We didn't want there money or there common core. And we are and have been on top when it comes to are schools.

My home state of Oregon took the money hook line and sinker. But they are a democratic state and a poor state at that.

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I think that it can be effective- kindergartners are reading and writing with it. The way it was deployed though was terrible- 12th graders used to the old standards are thrown with new ones and new ways of learning. By throwing away the old standards, it confuses students who have adapted to certain standards and ways of learning. It should have been given to only the kindergartners and then so-forth, because then it would be new material that they can adapt to more easily.

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As of now, there are no concrete signs that common core is good, and will help. Only in time will we see any benefits. I had to do some looking, because I do live in a state that has refused to adopt the common core teaching. (Thank God) I have only heard bad things about it. I did grow up in Oregon and now I live in Ne, and family and friends out there are not liking it one bit. Simple math homework went from a 10 min work sheet to hours of problem solving.

I as anyone will not know how this will turn out, I feel that they should have started with kids in kindergarten instead of changing the way older kids have been taught in higher grades. These kids are confused and over whelmed by this new way of teaching them. Honestly no body knows how this will turn out.. I did how ever find a site with pros and cons, not sure if it is biased or not.. But as you can see I am biased, I feel that common core is hurting children who have been in school for many years learning in one way, and now they just got the rug pulled out from under there feet. I pray it works for the younger kids, but the parents are going to need to take a class just so we can help are children with there home work.

Supporting Evidence: Pros and cons of common core.. (
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From everything I've seen, the new methods that the Common Core is implementing are very confusing and unnecessarily convoluted, especially for mathematics.

Having a standard is good, but obviously the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We all saw what happened with NCLB.

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