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Is the Complexity of Modern Legal Systems Harmful?

In today's world, a legal professional is required to wade through, much less understand, the vast majority of law. Is this, in your opinion, unnecessarily harmful? 

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When a disgusting person like Trump can keep skating unscathed because he can afford an army of lawyers to exploit the complexities to be almost untouchable then you know it's gone too far.

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It certainly is complex and often tilted toward protecting the guilty more so than the innocent. However, it is still not complicated enough to prevent innocent people from going to jail .... or even death! It definitely needs work. To often it's better to be rich and guilty, than poor and innocent!

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I'm just tryna crusade. Like, Crusading is great. Pick up the family, Go out the middle east, reclaim the holy land a little bit, Slaughter some infidels.

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