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it's why girls cry not yell small penis = ANGRY!!
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Is the South Park Depiction of angry people accurate?

I'm late on this, I moved and somehow destroyed my hard drive and have been trying to make up a week of work.

But apparently angry people = small penis according to SP.

And it was one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen this year, or in years actually.

Full disclosure: Yes I measured, any guy who says he hasn't is lying. I'm 0.1 below exact average length and 0.3 above exact average girth. All in average range though. Not bad for a white guy I think ;)


it's why girls cry not yell

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small penis = ANGRY!!

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I love South Park for their satire. And that's exactly what it is, Satire. But I feel that South Park has been great at portraying EVERYTHING accurately... it's not like this small penis thing is the first smart thing they've done.

The Tea Party movement has been a movement of a bunch of people who don't even know what they're angry at.

While there are some brilliant people like Ron Paul who has supported the Tea Party Movement (for ideological sake), it always seems that tea party members (like members of any other party) are just angry at things without doing too much research.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have described themselves at Libertarians, so it's not a stab at the actual politics. It's a stab at the idiocy of man (no surprise there).

But I knew that this would be the funniest episode for you Davidh... it matched your beliefs.

Side: small penis = ANGRY!!