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Is the USA a threat to world stability or a political force for good?

Does the USA play Big Brother too much?


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This debate is set up in such a way that I'm not sure what I'm saying yes or no to,

But overall the US does more good than harm. We donate more money to national disasters and poverty worldwide than any other country. We do more I think to encourage peace than to cause chaos I think overall historically, though Iraq was a huge ef-up.

Keeping in mind that the US has more to give, not sure if we do the most good percentage wise. It's easy to forget in a bad economy the US still has the highest GDP by several trillion. All the EU put together only has a couple trillion more in GDP.

Still, there is definitely a right wing of the US that is way way way too overbearing, and that seems to think manifest destiny includes the entire world. The Cheney's though are a minority here and there's less and less of those douche's every generation.

That's as far as the world is concerned.

Domestically, we suck compared to other Westernized countries. We were the last to outlaw slavery, we had internment camps in WWII, racism here is ridiculous, and we are the only Western nation where a human being can die in a hospital because they don't have enough money to pay for whatever treatment.

Domestically we kind of suck compared to the rest of the Western world.

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Yes, you are correct of saying yes or no. I changed it. My bad.-------------

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usps(365) Disputed
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You started out so strong then had to fall back on the hate America crap.

We may have been the last to outlaw slavery, but;

it is alive in Africa as we speak.

Internment camps big mistake, I wasn't alive, should every generation be condemned for the mistakes of their fathers?

as for people dieing in hospitals because they don't have money... show me the links.

By the way nice to have you back. xoxo

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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1. As far as slavery, I'm comparing in all of this the US to Western Society, I thought that was implied, but I guess I should have made it more clear.

2. I never in my life have fallen back to hate America crap. I love America more than anyplace on earth. I love America so much I want to make it even better, and you cannot do that if you ignore the shortfallings... like the worst healthcare in the industrialized world link

3. No, no one should ever be condemned for anything their ancestors did. That's ridiculous of course. Mentioning the fact that it happened in no way condemns anyone who was not involved. Further, pretending things like internment camps never happened makes it more likely to happen again. So history should not be forgetten, even the bad stuff.

4. Okay, you can walk into a hospital, and even if you cannot afford the treatment the hospital will treat you. And that is a good thing.

What is not good though, is that many who cannot afford treatment never go to the doctor, and so die sooner. This is a fact, average lifespan and general health is higher in every single country that has some form of public healthcare specifically because people go to the doctor. That's a fact. So yeah, they don't die on the steps outside of the hospital, but they do die.

They also go bankrupt. We pay more per capita for healthcare than any other country in the world. Insurance companies make profits in the billions every single year, even in this economy. Yet we rank 37th in the world for healthcare. This is a failure of the US, and I stand behind that assessment.

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The USA should leave other countries alone. What right do they have to interfere in the affairs of nations with absolutely no ties and which are located 5,000 miles away? Especially if they don't want American help.

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Couldn't agree with your statement more. I'm sick of this war, I'm tired of this recession and just want America to focus on AMERICA for once.

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I agree with this also! but its not just the war the U.S. spends trillions every year supporting other country's this must stop, close down the border and lets take care of our self's.

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sirius(367) Disputed
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If you are referring to Afghanistan, then how is instituting a government that is run by its people a bad decision?

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TERMINATOR(6778) Disputed
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I was referring to no nation in particular.

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The US needs to focus on it's own citizens and economy. No one else is going to help us...

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US imperialism must come to a end, and playing Big Brother must come to end. Guard our own borders.

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The U.S does help out many countries, but it seems they help a little too much. In some cases it's okay, but sometimes the other countries don't want our help. The U.S gives millions of dollars to help other countries, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but we have many homeless, unemployed, sickly, and we have many people hurt by natural disasters as well. The government could help it's own citizens better than they do. When you look back at Hurricane Katrina and how long it took too respond, and look at Haiti's earthquake and how we were the first to arrive. But either way critics will say that America is either playing big brother too much or not helping out at all.

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The U.S. is NOT any more of a threat to world stability than ANY other country who manages to become THE world power.

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