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Is the US too christian if a film about Darwin won't have a US distributor

The film Creation, developed by BBC Films and the UK Film Council is set to open in several countries around the world yet there is no United States distributor willing to show it in the US because they feel it is too controversial among the American Christians.

The following link goes to an article that further explains this outcome.

Is Christianity too great an influence on American society that it prevents a film that depicts the life of an important scientist from showing in the united states?


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I heard that some pole came out with the result that only 39% of Americans (meaning residents of USA not whole America) "believe" in evolution

- which means that 61% think that evolution is wrong.

I am not much in the mood to argue with religious people about evolution, but I will say this: To say that evolution doesnt work is like saying Lego chips dont stick together.

On another note, I am not sure if christianity should neccisarilly be blamed. Maybe it is just plain stupidity that is to blame.

So maybe Americans arent too christian, just too stupid generally(on avarage of-course)

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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Well, it says that 39% are willing to say that evolution exists. 25% have no opinion/answer. That means that 34% don't believe in evolution.

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PungSviti(552) Disputed
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Ok but that is still a high number (34%)

One out of three thinks the theory of evolution is some sort of conspiracy of elitist anti-religionists

and why do the 25% not have an opinion on it

It is the equvilent of not being sure about the theory of gravity "because some things float in the air I am not so sure about gravity"

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to some great degree i must answer "yes"

even prior to the Scopes Monkey trial, the fundamentalist Christians have had an ongoing war with Darwin and all things related to evolution

in terms of attitude (and some actions), fundamentalist Christianity is essentially a mirror image of the Taliban

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Tugman(749) Disputed
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Fundamentalist Christians do not go around killing girls if they go to school. Fundamentalist Christians do not blow up people the way the Taliban does. The Taliban is a terrorist group that at one point controlled Afghanistan. Fundamentalist Christians for the most part peaceful and maybe some of their views can be considered crazy.

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That article doesn't say that the DISTRIBUTORS themselves didn't want it because it might spike controversy. The producer of the film is retarded because American Hollywood is known for it's controversial films:




Lions for Lambs



Fahrenheit 9/11


Bowling for Columbine


they even showed the movie Che.

The best reason for why they're not showing this film is because it mostly likely sucks. I've seen some snippets and it looks boring and retarded, at best.

What do you expect, it's BBC films.

The producer is just butthurt that his movie isn't good enough to get any support in America.

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ta9798(316) Disputed
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The article has this phase in reference to the Charles Darwin film.

"US distributors have resolutely passed on a film"

"The film has no distributor in America" - Jeremy Thomas (producer)

Now maybe the producer's word has only a little strength behind it but it would appear that the article did say that the film will not have US distributors.

Of course they don't mention directly that the a reason or the sole reason the film has no producer is because it could be controversial but they don't say it was because it sucked either.

I haven't seen the film so I don't know of its quality but apparently a lot of distributors from other countries are willing to show it so it can't be terrible. And thus I don't think that its quality is the major reason this film isn't being shown in the US. Most of the films in the US are a waste of time and money anyway.

Even if the film is questionable quality wise it seems that its nature would be enough to put it on the Christan enemy list. I haven't seen a few of the movies you gave an example of but i think the reason that this film has been so attacked was because it supposedly talks about losing religion and it includes some talk of evolution.

The far Christians fight evolution and things related to it as if it were created solely to destroy god and their religion. Now Religulus wasn't the kindest to religion but I think those extreme Christians view the topic of evolution as a greater threat than Bill Mahar and his film.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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Evolution doesn't make a direct impact on religion itself. Bill Maher's film did.

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Not every christian is a creationist, I am Catholic and I agree with the theory of evolution as do most christians I know.

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ta9798(316) Disputed
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It truly is a shame that christens are nearly always grouped together with those who also believe in creationism because as you say not ever christian is a creationist. Due to my laziness I didn't specify that i don't mean every christian is against evolution or science.

Nonetheless, those who manage to get themselves heard and get things done, in regards to evolution bashing, are for the most part creationists. They represent themselves as Christians and thus the stigma of a creationist is received, unintentionally for the most part, by the christian community.

The Christan community as a majority however, doesn't attempt to separate themselves from these extremists. So it appears that even if you don't believe in creationism that you doubt evolution and thus you doubt much of science.

Christians like you who believe in evolution should do more to separate yourselves from those who fight evolution on faulty platforms because the majority of Christians, I believe, do accept evolution yet they are not represented in politics or social life and thus the majority is marginalized in favor of the select minority.

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