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Is the Western World Economically Screwed?


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You have no idea.

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There is little room to argue that the western world is moving towards some very drastic economic changes in the very near future as China and India among other nations experience a significant increase in their middle class and occupy a larger percentage of the world's energy consumption. However, I don't think that these developments necessarily imply that we are screwed.

The developments of these nations as veritable and powerful forces in international trade and commerce (much less their military presence) poses a challenge to western nations that, if addressed correctly, can issue in an era of economic partnership and collaboration that carries with it an unlimited potential for technological and resourceful innovations as we move further into the 21st century.

However, these changes in the global economic landscape also pose serious threats and dangers should the west fail to accommodate the increasing economic initiative and independence of these burgeoning nations. If we opt to preserve our so-called dominance and do so by means of aggressive diplomacy or by refusing to adjust to these changes or we decide to address the concerns of these nations with a clenched fist of military involvement, we may see these current economic tensions balloon into massive international conflicts that will prove utterly detrimental to our future as a nation (and possibly our world as a whole).

(This video offers a very interesting perspective regarding our current economic situation in the West.)

Supporting Evidence: An Economic Foresight (
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yea we are running outa oil (we need it for cars trucks plastic etc) if we go outa oil and coal back to the middle ages....

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weve only used around 35% so we wont run out for atleast 30 years at this rate

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We are not running out of oil (but we are economically screwed). Read this for more info.

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WE are in the middle of a recession wherever you are, unless your economy is or is propped up by the chinese or indians.

Australia is in this lucky spot of having free trade agreements with india and china. But I would be interested to hear from some people from the US and UK, and see their outlook on thier countries.

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Well, I don't know about anyone else but I'm spending my money while it is still worth something.

But wasn't it Jesus who said, "Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar?"

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Many would have considered the Western World screwed during the Great Depression.

Really, the Great Depression was probably much worse then what we see now. Unemployment was far worse, many more banks went under, nobody had their deposits insured, and it spread across the entire world.

What we see now will have an impact through the world economy, but not nearly as much as the great depression did.

We will feel the effects more in the U.S. But eventually, things will get back in balance and we'll start seeing growth ahead again.

So no, the western world isnt economically screwed. its just having a hard time right now.

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No, I don't think. America has gone through a great depression and several recessions and each time doom sayers - with no real grasp of history - say that it is the end and we're all screwed. I say humbug. The West is very resilient and there is absolutely no indication that we're screwed, or even that the current predicament is even very harrowing.

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