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Is the future going to be better then the present?


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In 2029 if we can stop Apophis then yes. I think things will be pretty sharp.

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There should be an "End of the world" holiday...

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Hahahaha it would only happen once lol. That would be awkward. I would not mind it though.

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Relatively. The advancements might make things easier if that's what you mean by better.

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I am an optimist, so, this is why I answered "Yes." One aspect is that hopefully cancer will be cured.

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Not if people don't change.

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Relatively. The possibility of new things is decreasing dramatically, at this rate the future that my grand kids will inhabit will be a rip off of my youth.

Examples of this include all of the remakes Hollywood has been making, and the covers artists are doing now.

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I am a natural pessimist so my instinctive answer is no.

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