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Is the left wing AGENDA to get EVERYONE vaccinated?


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Yes! That's why you SHOULDN'T

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I think that it is not just the agenda of people on the left, everyone (left or right) wants to prevent deaths from COVID, and the vaccine is the best way of doing that. Yes there are side effects but taking the vaccine is a lot less dangerous than getting COVID. And so, whether you are political left or right, you can and should get your vaccine. Not only will it protect you, it will protect others around you (your family members for example).

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Most intelligent people, including politicians take the advice of the world's virologist experts and strongly recommend that everyone gets vaccinated against covid-19.

Scientists the world over agree that vaccination provides some 80% protection and this measure combined with the continued use of face coverings,BY EVERYONE, sanitizing/hand washing increases the immunity to over 90%.

Unfortunately medical science has not yet developed an immunization serum to combat ignorance and raw stupidity, so we will have to try to deal with the shit-heads who think covid-19 is a conspiracy by the world's governments to control their respective populations in some other way, perhaps through financial incentives, BRIBERY in an effort to stop the great unwashed hordes from infecting others with whom their daily activities bring them into contact.

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The Left agenda, which should be everyone's agenda, is to STOP people from dying from Covid, or at least reduce the number of deaths as much as possible from it.

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