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Is the modern college a scam created by greedy people?

Predatory lending

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Debt problem & the solution

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Is the modern college a scam created by greedy people

Hello Fred:

Maybe.. But, without a degree, you can't enter certain professions like the law or medicine. You'll more than likely never run your own business or anyone else's for that matter. So, if the professions aren't your cup of tea, then you can certainly forgo college..

Lemme ask you this.. Is bottled water a scam? Is cat litter a scam? Is vitamin D a scam? What about vaccines or chiropractors?

Caveat Emptor.


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Don't incur any debt if you're not certain you can pay it back.

If you feel you have missed, or are likely to miss the boat educationally then consider starting your own business.

While education will be an advantage on such a venture it is well behind the character attributes of, ambition, ability, stayability, work ethic and business acumen.

Too many people think once they have attained a degree all they have to do is present themselves to the job market and they'll be grabbed by employers lusting after their academic brilliance.

Such well qualified fools get an enormous surprise when they realise what it really takes to secure ''gainful employment''.

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