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Is the overuse of the term ''threat to democracy'' laughable at this point?

Gerrymandering is... A threat to democracy...
Election denial is... A threat to democracy...(it's actually a part of democracy, and the left fully participates in it, but shhhh)
Extremists are... A threat to democracy (extremists created  and founded our democracy, but who's keeping score...)
The media not doing more anti right wing activism is... A threat to democracy... (Which is an oxymoron in and of itself)
Trump being out of power is a... Threat to democracy... 
January, 6th was... A threat to democracy... (And not the FBI agents posed as MAGA on January 6th or the FBI being employed by Twitter)
Oh hell, I'm... a threat to democracy... (That's weird. Didn't the Republicans win the popular vote during the midterms? AKA Democracy?)
Oh wait. Even the lefties in other countries are in on the action. Brexit is... A threat to democracy... (Didn't the majority vote for Brexit which literally is democracy?)

Yes it is bront

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Well, it is laughable as in ridiculous but not laughable as in ha-ha.

Almost every non-woke/leftist deed or utterance made in this country is either a ''THREAT TO DEMOCRACY'' or RACIST.

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Mhm. It is used in a more general sense which has kinda lost its meaning over time. Probably better to use more accurate phrases for the given situation but "threat to democracy" seems to generate clicks so here we are.

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