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Is the parent a murderer? (See below)

A parent has a son who is so mentally disabled that cannot speak and cannot tell the difference between tablets which should be taken by swallowing and tablets which should be taken by chewing. If one swallows the tablet (imaginary) which should be taken by chewing, he will be poisoned to death. Now the parent gives the son this tablet, and the son doesn't know he should chew it, he swallows it without chewing, and the son died. Should the parent be convicted? Is the parent a murderer?


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So did the parent know that the son would not be able to tell the difference? If the parent did it knowingly then yes. If the parent didn't know this, or didn't think to much, no.

Bad parenting nonetheless.

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But is there any evidence that can prove that the parent knows this or doesn't know this?

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