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Is their an Illuminati?

Is their a global control group.  Or do all countries work totally independent.  I say there is no Illuminati because if their was then they would have reduced the population some how because this is only practical way to stop climate change.  It’s about over - the warming will never stop now.  Just need less people, and we can drive regular cars.

Yes it exists

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It’s a myth

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I used to tell people there was a strange phenomenon that appeared when George Bush Sr became President. All kinds of people in power kept using this strange new term "a new world order". And then youtube was invented, and I came across this beauty...

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There is no question as to whether the illuminati is real, it is a historical fact that the Illuminati existed, the question is does it still exist and what where and are it's motives?

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1. The correct word you were looking for is 'there' not 'their'

2. We want global warming to kill a large number of people through severe climate change and fighting over scarce resources ;)

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Some big strings are certainly being pulled by the enlightened.

Without a doubt.

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It's obvious in the early years of the republic there were organizations that aspired to maintain elite control. Still today they may dream of it, be they (secret Masons), or (Skull and bones) So yes there was an (illuminati) historically. The point is really mute, because the complexity of todays government is so vast that focused elite control is virtually impossible. Recent revelations about quantum theory even speculate that our society is so complex that any elite focused top down control may be out of reach. The question should be "who holds the power"? The active vocal majority holds the power when their efforts are unified, and their purpose is clear. The people united behind a coherent idea are invincible. The largest ship will sink if the captain is sleeping and the storm is sufficiently strong. Aspirations, financial clout, and elite connections do not necessarily mean control. Unified efforts are amorphous, and unpredictable until the fat lady sings.

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Very interesting. You shed a lot of fog/light on the topic

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The Illuminati were just a bunch of dandies who get blamed for everything, the real enemy has always been the Templars, The Masons and Illuminati are just the little fish who started their own little groups and sometimes get/got involved in bigger plots. Most of the Masons are just normal people and the Illuminati doesn't exist anymore.

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The illuminati is a long defunct secretive society. The myth that an elite group of powerful people nefariously manipulating and controlling our world is a fabrication. The idea of a untouchable, nameless, faceless masters promotes a sense of hopelessness in a dwindling amount of truth seekers. I sense the secret behind the illuminati or bilderbergs is that controlling the world is a complicated vast conspiracy just barely held together by governments, corporations and organizations with an agenda of continuing the status quo by eliminating threats that arise.

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