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Is there a Douchebag Epidemic?

I feel like I've been encountering more than my fair share of douchebags out there. In fact they're everywhere. It might be a geographical concearn based on my location. But I have also seen more and more douchebags on TV. Are douchebags being glorified as sex machines? Thus creating a desire for a young man to become a douchebag? Is this an Epidemic?

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I definatley think so. I mean, look at how women were so repected during the victorian age, for example. I think it all changed during the feminist movement of the 1960s when women tried to be equal with men, when in actuality, the deserve to be courted and respected. Its really annoying to see the way our culture has evolved into turning guys into the complete assholes they are. Now, not all guys, but alot of them, dont respect women because women no longer demand/require that level of respect. So yea, there may be more douchebags out there, but theres also alot more sluts to even out the ratio.

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YES! It's called North Jersey! :)

I can't stand guidos- they make me uncomfortable and I see them way too often. And basically, guido = douchbag. Not always the case, but more often than not.

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I'm with you on this one. As a New Yorker, I can't go into Penn after 11pm without being assaulted by guidos and what I'll call "guidettes" who are drunkly taking NJT/LIRR home from a club filled with their clones, all of whom are probably far too old for the club scene anyway.

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But you don't get the worst part. And that would be summer at the Jersey Shore. Sometimes, I don't even want to be there because it's FILLED with them and a bunch of BENNYs (I really hope you're NOT a BENNY :P). It's horrible.

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douche bag


a small syringe having detachable nozzles for fluid injections, used chiefly for vaginal lavage and for enemas.

I think it has to do with the law of supply and demand. There more cunts out there, the more douche bags are required to service them ;)

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You beat me to the joke... I was gonna say that. I figured It would be you who was going to already say it before I clicked the link though.

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Nope. WHy r u labelling the cool people as douchebags. Why r u putting innocent people along with the real douchebags.

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