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Is there a certain race that you prefer to date?

I'm not asking if you are a racist or not. This is more of a preference, rather than racism. I have many friends who are only attracted to a certain race for the most part. Anyone on here the same way? Please explain, yo!


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I prefer to date those who I am attracted to the most.

That would be white women. (brunettes to be exact)

But it depends on the person. I have been attracted to women of other races before.

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I tend to date more on the white or Asian side.

I am attracted to other races, but cultural traditions make it harder for me to find someone of another race that I am compatible with personality wise.

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As far as I can remember, sexually, I have only been attracted by the Caucasian white race.

I don't think it's racist because it's the same as liking brunettes over blonds etc.

It's an aesthetic preference.

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I've sewed some oats in my day and I must say that the only one I won't go back to is black. They wear you out ;)

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I'm partial to the homo sapiens,

Technically there is only one race of human being left on earth. There was once more, at least one more as Neandrathals would have been a different race of what we consider human. But the rest of the races either died themselves or we killed them.

But as for skin color, it changes, I was with white girls all through high school, and was dying to get with a black chick, was with a black chick for awhile, and got tired of that too. Now I kinda want to go back to Asian for awhile,

but beggars can't be choosers, I'll take what I can get ;)

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Cottonball(256) Disputed
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You're referring to species, not race.

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Well, I can look back at all of my previous dates and past relationships, and I'm happy to say that my taste varies. I'm attracted to many different races and, for me, it usually depends on their personality. And looks, o'course...but not skin color or ethnic background.

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there is none i particularly perfer, but i will only date white or hispanic people. idk, i just cant imagine myself making out with a black or asian person.

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Cottonball(256) Disputed
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Isn't that a preference?

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When I was dating I dated whomever pleased me whether that be a Black, Hispanic or anything else you can think of. I just never dated an Aborigine, but none were available either!

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The only things I look for is personality and morals. what else matters?

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