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Is there a difference between being smart and being knowledgeable?


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knowledge is just what you know.

being smart is your ability to think critically. applying what you know to real life and problem solving.

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As has already been identified within this debate, there is certainly a difference between being smart and being knowledgable. One of them regards your ability to store and retrieve memories, whilst the other deals with the more abstract ability of being able to rationalise.

When someone is knowledgable, they simply possess the ability to store lots of factual information and retreive that information easily. To be knowledgable has no implication on your ability to apply your knowledge in any specific way. A person can know many things and never truly understand them.

However, when someone is smart, they have the ability to apply knowledge (or lack thereof) in specific ways that allow them to make complex decisions, or abstractify thought away from the simple bounds of which the knowledge would normally constrain.

Smartness is the application of knowledge. To me they are succinct properties of the human potential, yet you'll often find that people who are smart are also knowledgable (more so than vice versa).

As an aside, it is a sad fact that current education systems seem to be more inclined to reward knowledge rather than smartness. We spend far too much time teaching kids what to think and what they should know, rather than how to think and giving them the thirst to find out about the things they want to know.

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Yes, you're right. Let's say one day scientists invent a microchip that can be surgically implanted in your head which stores all possible factual information in the world, and you will be able to recall any of it on cue. This way, you would be knowledgeable. But then, so what if everybody knew everything? The world would just continue running normally and nothing new, nothing revolutionary, can happen.

However, when the person has that microchip in their head and is also smart, that is a different story altogether. They will be able to use all that information and ask new questions to exciting new discoveries. The Wright brothers didn't invent the plane just by KNOWING things alone; and neither did any other great inventor.

What matters in this world is not the ability to memories, recall and know stuff- it is the ability to use a (sometimes limited) amount of data to try and weave new conclusions (isn't that what the scientific method does?). And these are the kind of people we should try to be.

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Because we all become more and more knowledgeable, every day. We do not all become smarter every day.

Smart is gaining knowledge at a faster rate.

Right? .........I don't know, .. I'm not that smart (;

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What makes a difference between being smart and being knowledgeable? If I, for instance, am quote unquote 'street smart', I could call myself 'street knowledgeable' as well. Their is little if any difference between this terms, unless an esteemed English professor or other such professional proves me wrong.

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