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 Is there a person on CD who thinks war with China would not mean the devastation of Earth? (9)

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Is there a person on CD who thinks war with China would not mean the devastation of Earth?

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I am pretty sure China has developed technology of a military nature in secret that they would unleash on any powerful enough nation that posed a threat to them. They probably have secret bioweapons programs, drones and combat robots of various types etc.

SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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While abhorrent in every single way as a nation, they are indeed too clever at war to fuck with.

My point exactly.

America lost in Vietnam. America half-lost in Korea. America is losing in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

America has a pretty shitty track record for war.

And yet it seems that nobody is giving a second thought to the consequences of the campaign of demonization against China.

America has a pretty shitty track record for war.

The blueprint was really laid down in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh realised the Americans didn't know how to fight a guerrilla war and exposed that fact in devastating fashion. Once the bodies began to pile up the sane civilians back in the States called for an end to it, but of course the insane right wing decided to ignore it because they thought they would win eventually just through sheer force of numbers. The weakness was never rectified and now everybody in the entire world knows you just let them take the country and then use guerrilla tactics to force them to leave.

LOL, another debate on China? You must be part of the Chinese disinformation scheme.

Oh I keep forgetting, you are not pro china. You just spend your time creating debates to clear up how they have gotten a bad rap. LOL

Why not do a debate on Hitler's Germany and tell us how they got a bad rap as well.


TERMINATOR(6781) Disputed
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My concern with China stems from my observation that war with China is on the horizon. Only idiots would sooner bury their heads in the sand than prepare for and temper the possibilities of the future destruction of humanity.

Saltal(196) Clarified
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There is no war on the horizon with China or any other major military power.

Do try to control your over vivid imagination and suppress your fear of China.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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If you think there will be war with China, it says a lot about their nation.

My hope is that the numbers of those who have gotten a taste of freedom in Hong Kong and China will grow, and someday becoming a force for change.

If not, you better support the Republicans policies of a strong military.

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Hi Wing Wang Woo. Your irrational obsession with China and their military capability could be better described as psychotic frenzied mania which would require specialized psychological attention as a matter of extreme urgency.

Alternatively you could emigrate to China where you could have limitless therapeutic sessions of acupuncture and write about the horrors of living in a totalitarian state.

The food in Chinese jails is usually sweet & sour rat. Velly velly good, eh?

SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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'velly' is a Japanese thing, not Chinese. Chinese of the Mandarin accent will say 'vereh goohd' and of the Cantonese accent will say 'veyreeh gewd'.

Saltal(196) Disputed
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You're totally WONG, WONG, WONG, WONG and WONG.

Do you not find it fiendishly monotonous being WONG all the time?

You must be Wing Wang WONG the idiot cousin of Wing Wang Woo.

Having frequented Chinese restaurants for many years I know that the Chinese pronunciation of the letter ''R'' sounds like an ''L''.

You clearly know very little about the Chinese language and even less about English.




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Have the 2 man/woman so called reporters on MSNBC given you some information they have not reported.