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 Is there a way to disprove deists? (4)

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Is there a way to disprove deists?

The religion is very broad and can literally conform to anything a deist desires.

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The only possible way to disprove deism would be to disprove the existence of said deity, which is going to be just about impossible considering the nature of God in most deistic beliefs.

You would have to disprove their foundations for their said deity or deities. Attempting this is probably much easier than someone trying to prove their deity to the world.

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Well even if you disprove their deity can't they just reshape their ideas again so that it becomes valid? A step back, can't a deist design such a broad deity that it would be pretty much impossible to disprove (i.e. since god is (god) he is everything and also nothing, he isn't a physical being but a thought like the "mandate of heaven." But, that is just a brief makeshift example.

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I'll give you the big three with solid book recommendations in italics.

You can know direct personal experience with God through….

1. Dreams (C.G. Jung's Man and His Symbols)

2. Psychical practices (Patanjali's The Yoga Sutras),

3. The use of psychoactive plants (Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception)

Just to point out, the second and third options are more dangerous for obvious reasons. So the first option is the best, unless you're the wild type.