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Is there any reason to believe evolution?

It is not as if it is religious - there is no gain to knowing about it, whether or not it is true. Indeed, if anything, I can see people getting a nihilstic attitude after learning of it.


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"there is not gain from knowing about evolution"

except for all the medicinal gain from being able to genetcially engineer medicine, specially designed for each and every person.

That would not have been possible without first understanding evolution

The theory of evolution led human kind down the path of exponentially more potent and effective medicine - among other biological gains.

I would rather say that we are faster and faster coming to a point where there is no reason not to belive in evolution.

It is amazing to me how many grown up Americans think that evolution is just some sort of mental exercise theory (like some sort of abstract math theory) and that it has no consiquence for our society - What a load of bullcrap - and one of the biggest evidence that there is something really wrong with your educational system (that is: it is infested with dumb religious cavemen)

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If we know about evolution, we can learn about the past, understand the present, and predict the future, all in reference to lifeforms. The most important aspect of this is the interpretation of the future. If we understand the mechanisms of evolution, we can help various species survive from extinction by breeding the fittest members of the species or something like that.

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I can't see a reason not to believe in evolution. You see, unlike religion, science is based on the interpretation of statistical, numerical data and physical evidence. When new data or evidence is introduced, pertaining theories 'evolve'; as does the very theory of evolution.


Note: evolution pun not initially intended, but no less mildly comical thereby.

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TERMINATOR(6779) Disputed
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This is not precisely what I meant. I meant more of a 'why bother'. It is not as though it can help the average person - yet people seem so 'uppity' regarding it.

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Akulakhan(2985) Disputed
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The truth, and the pursuit thereof, is always going to upset some people. This is not a premise to end the pursuit. That is the purpose of science.

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Apparently you mean besides it being... you know... true.

Is there any reason to believe atomic theory? I mean, I can't personally build a nuclear reactor in my basement so why bother right?

We don't believe things just because we can figure out how to somehow personally benefit from it directly. We believe them because they're real and knowing what is real is desireable in and of itself.

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Is there any reason to believe in any creation story?? What is there to gain from believing that some guy called God built the earth and put two people on it in their own pretty garden? Creation stories help to stimulate the mind and get us thinking about the world. Evolution can help us unlock mysteries of the natural world and teach us about the place we live in.

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there is reason to believe in evolution. everyone who reads the bible and just tells you that it doesnt exist because of god could be wrong. yeah certain aspects could be wrong like the fact that we evolved from monkeys. but things like that it took billions of years to make earth could be true. we don't know how long days were back then because we made up time.

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Well for one thing, you only put belief in something that requires faith. Evolution is a theory, it requires some scientific evidence and is the closest thing we have to fact. Doing some research into it, however, I have come to realize that evolution is not complete, does not have a solid explanation on how life began, and should not be treated as a fact. Fact is proven, theory can be proven wrong, and belief is neither fact nor can it be proven wrong. Evolution is currently the best educated guess we have got to the growth of life here on Earth, but like any other theory, it won't last.

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gcomeau(536) Disputed
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Well, if you have really done some research into it this should at least make for a more interesting discussion than our first attempt with a "no" argument.

1. Is the lack of an explanation for how life began the manner in which you think evolution is incomplete, or is there other missing information you're looking for? Because evolution isn't supposed to explain how life began, it's supposed to explain how life devellopped and diversified after it was present. The theory addressing how life began is abiogenesis. Complaining about evolution because it doesn't explain life's origins is like complaining about chemistry because it doesn't explain where atoms originally come from. That's not it's job.

2. Evolution is both theory AND fact. The fact part is that we've directly observed it happening. A lot. This is not subject to rational dispute. The theory part is the explanation of the fact.

Your use of the terms leads me to the conclusion that you are unfamiliar with how the word "theory" is used in a scientific context since you appear to be contrasting it with "fact" as if theory is a step below fact or something. It is not. The formulation of scientific theories is in fact the highest goal in science. If you discover a new "fact" some people may be interested for a while. If you formulate a new, validated scientific theory you're likely going to be up for a Nobel prize.

You are quite right that evolutionary theory is "currently the best educated guess we have" . However you may not appreciate that this is what science IS. The constant refinement of the best educated guess we have. And in this particular case the "guess" is really, extremely, MASSIVELY "educated". Yes, it could still hypothetically be completely and totally wrong. I'd say there is maybe a 1 in a trillion chance of it though. Do you have any idea how thoroughly evolutionary theory has been tested, and how much else we would have to be wrong about for evolution to be wrong?

It will continue to have some of its fine details refined as additional data comes in, but I'm sorry to break this to you... it WILL last. Evolution is about as likely to be completely overturned at this point as the sun is to suddenly spontaneously implode at 4pm this afternoon.

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Hmmmmm, I like this. I see what you mean by your first point, it was my mistake to assume that Evolution attempts to explain how life began. The Origin of Species simple explains how life may have diversified in relation to the environment (and many other points I don't have time to discuss as of now :). Your second point, however, I cannot seem to bring myself to agree with. From various sources ( for example) Evolution is supported by fact, but is not fact in itself.

Actually, I agree with these sources that a theory should be regarded as higher than fact (because it shows and not just tells). Still, I have some doubts of the Theory of Evolution, and when I said that it won't last, I meant the current model. I find the time frame ,in which evolution has occurred on a macro-scale, hard to accept (I know of two or three biologists who feel the same). I also notice that of all the fossil records used to support evolution, none show any solid patterns of transition and always seem complete in form (Did monkey just suddenly decide to shed hair and stand up right because the weather suddenly changed?) I apologize if I my stance was ambiguous.

As for you last comment, well I could actually see that happen. The Sun could suddenly explode, and 8 minutes later we would see it. We would probably feel it first :) I think there are relatively high odds that the sun could implode, just not at 4pm :)

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gcomeau(536) Disputed
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Oh look, finally a "no" argument! Well, not really an argument... but we'll take what we can get.

Tell me Mr. "people who believe in evolution are ignorant", explain how ID or 'Creation' account for the endogenous retroviral insertion pattern in primate DNA.

How do they explain the fusion pattern of human chromosome 2?

How do they explain the verified evolutionary prediction that we would find the pseudogene responsible for ascorbic acid synthesis in other mammals present in primates?


Please, enlighten us poor ignorant dunces with your vast knowledge and wisdom, that we might aspire to undertand this subject as well as you obviously do.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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No, because evolution is complete crap

That's an odd response. Even if evolution had not been proven multiple times both in labs and by fossils, I would hardly call it "crap." Actually, even if it had not been so thoroughly proven true time and time again, it would still be an ingenious theory.

There is absolutely no truth in it and it makes no sense

This is basically a repetition of your first sentence. As stated, even if it were not true, it would still certainly make a lot of sense. I mean, it explains how we got here exactly. True or not, it makes a lot of sense.

However, what this sentence does tell the reader about you is that you are harboring some kind of pre-existing prejudice against the idea. Which is interesting. It tells us you are not interested in debate, or any kind of thought, at all. You are only interested in spewing what others have told you.

If you want to know what makes sense, it's intelligent design. Creation. If you believe in evolution you are either very ignorant or too stubborn to accept the truth

And your last two sentences confirm my hypothesis. You offer your own solution, which is only your solution because someone else told you, and you offer it without any logical or scientific reasoning, which is how I know you only offer it because it is what someone else told you,

And to protect yourself from further thought on something you are so obviously wrong about, you set up an Ad Hominem argument against the individuals instead of against the theory.

All very interesting.

I believe you are looking for a religious chat site. This is a debate site.

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'it makes no sense'.

Apologies if I am generalizing religious people, but in my experience they never actually know what evolution is. So explain to me, what is evolution?

Do you even know?

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arataii(95) Disputed
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Of course I know what evolution is, because evolution is pounded into students brains as if it is the only option that exists. Evolution began with Darwin's theories that

1- Evolution can mean minor changes in features of individual species – changes that take place gradually over a (relatively) modest period of time.

2- The idea that all the organisms we see today are descended from a single common ancestor somewhere in the distant past. This theory paints a picture of the history of life on earth as a great branching tree, from a single cell that “somehow” materialized.

3- A cause or mechanism of change, the biological process Darwin thought was responsible for this branching pattern. Darwin argued that natural selection had the power to produce fundamentally new forms of life.

So yes I do know what evolution is -and I still believe it's complete crap. And how come intelligent design is so taboo? And why do some science teachers that only mention intelligent design get fired, or shall we call it forced resignation? Why is it that even though intelligent design and evolution are both theories, they are not debated and evolution is taught as the only plausible explanaton of how life began?

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